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Dermatologist appointment

Dermatologist appointment

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12/5/2018 10:30pm
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Tomorrow will be my first. I called them about a suspicious mole on my neck. That’s really all I want looked at because I don’t have a lot of cash. Will they still do a full body skin check or will they just look at the mole in question? 

All good derms will do a full body check unless they had seen you recently and already looked you over. But, otherwise, you go in, they'll ask if there are any spots that are concerning or bothering you, you'll let them know about that one. They'll look at that along with the rest of your body. In order to understand whether an ugly mole is just ugly or possibly more, they have to see the whole picture. Plus, it's their job to be thorough, especially to look in areas that we can't see by ourselves on a regular basis.

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If the dermatologist doesn't do a full body check, find another dermatologist. It will probably cost you the same regardless, so make sure they check everything. It doesn't take more than a few minutes.