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“Deeper sections”

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“Deeper sections”

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5/7/2020 10:46am
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So I had a mole biopsy done and am waiting on the results, however they were taking longer than usual so I called to see what was going on. They said they called the pathologist to make sure they got them and they did they just had “deeper sections” they needed to look at..this freaked me out. Does this automatically mean melanoma? Why would a normal mole have deeper sections?

Hi, Anon,

Waiting is hard. Some of the hardest parts of this path. It's hard to stay centred, calm, and in the present when waiting for results.

My guess from what you wrote above is that YES! a normal mole would have "deeper section" in a biopsy. All skin biopsies will have deeper sections. The "deeper sections" of your biopsy are just that- the part of the biopsy that goes the deepest into your skin. The pathologist needs to make sure that the margins everywhere are clear or not. This is true of all biopsies and doesn't automatically mean you have melanoma.

I know it is hard but do what you can to not borrow trouble. Don't give yourself melanoma before the doctor does. Let him or her be the one to confirm it or hopefully, not. Right now, you have a funky mole. Keep it until you know otherwise; follow up with your doc.

Also, the internet is a scary place for melanoma information. It's hard to read and apply it to your situation because you don't know where you're at. Most of the info is old and sometimes just plain wrong. At this point, I would avoid searching with Dr Google. This site is a good place, though.

Finally, if you have any more questions, ask away! I have found this group of melahomies to be caring and a wonderful source of information. If you do post again, create a user name. It doesn't have to say who you are, but a user name helps us track with each person's story. Anons are just that anonymous and forgettable. "Silly Unicorn 92" is not.

Wishing you peace,

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Anonymous - (5/7/2020 - 7:03pm)

Thank you for the reply! I am just nervous because all my other ones (even the moderate and severe atypical) didn’t take this long and never said it takes longer because it had deeper sections to look at. It just makes me think that it’s gonna be melanoma that is deep therefore as spread and that’s what they meant by that. I can’t pictures a normal mole being deep.