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covid 19 and us

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covid 19 and us

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3/7/2020 11:06am
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I would like to think that since many here are getting immune system enhancers it will increase our resistance to the coronavirus.

true? false? comments?

Anonymous - (3/7/2020 - 11:18am)

Well that’s optimistic. I assume I am in the “we are going to die!” camp and that I would be one the dreaded “she had an underlying condition” and “her lungs were compromised.” I like your scenario better. I have three kids at three school and my husband teaches many foreign students so I’d say our risk is high to contract it.

sandyd77 - (3/7/2020 - 8:56pm)

My husband is stage 4 and was receiving immunotherapy for the past 10 months (nivo). He is soon to start targeted thereapy (TAF and MEK). Last fall I asked his oncologist about receiving a flu shot for him. She said absolutely - that being on immunotherapy does not enhance your immune system to fight against other illnesses such as the flu. I am going to do all I can to keep him away from crowds, etc. and pray for the best for him as well as for all of the melanoma warriors. Good luck to all. Hopefully this too shall pass!

Sdmotorcop - (3/8/2020 - 1:41am)

I’ve been on Nivo since June 2019 (3C). My oncologist told me the same thing. Immunotherapy will not keep you from getting sick. He said a Flu shot was a good idea. I am just getting over a really nasty chest cold That I had for a month (I bought stock in NyQuil). I had not gotten sick in almost 2 years. I chalked that up to taking zinc everyday (I had run out a couple of weeks before I got sick because I was to lazy to pick it up). Needless to say I have a large stockpile of it now..


tkoss - (3/8/2020 - 9:08am)

you all's comments are very sobering. Since my stage 3c has neither symptoms nor does the nivo have any side effects for me, I live in a state of grace.
yesterday I went grocery shopping and started doing all those calculations about social distancing.

so i will ask the opposite question: does having melanoma or getting the immo drugs INCREASE risks of covid?

tkoss - (3/8/2020 - 12:15pm)

good article about covid, especially kids

note reference to cytokine storm

ed williams - (3/8/2020 - 4:40pm)

Tkoss, Roche drug for TIL's patients who develop cytokine storm is being used on Covid-19 patients in China who are in respiratory distress showing cytokine storm similar to those who have taken IL-2 in the past as part of TIL's treatments. Article was posted by Italian Oncologist who does melanoma research Dr. Paolo A Ascierto.

tkoss - (3/8/2020 - 12:23pm)

thanks to your input and to me practicing medicine without a license and absolutely no knowledge or experience of medicine I have declared myself ' at risk' and socially isolate.

no more beer and bbq, no more crawfish boils, no st. patty's day or cinco de mayo for this fellow until the pandemic runs its course , or I go stir crazy

Casitas1 - (3/9/2020 - 10:51am)

I have been sick multiple times a year since birth(I'm 49) up to and through treatment. Post treatment not so much as a sniffle (3.5 yrs.). I have school age kids and a wife in child care. They've brought home all kinds flu ,colds etc. I had a complete response but, still have side effects. Best, Paul