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Cost for Opdivo treatment

Cost for Opdivo treatment

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6/9/2018 6:51am
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I just got word to what my Opdivo treatment is going to cost after 2 infusions ...

73,000.00 per session this is approaching 1 million if you include scans etc.  Everything I have read says the cost for total treatment should be150,000 or so.  Does anyone have an idea on what i should expect for other treatment centers?  I am currently getting Opdivo 1 time every 4 weeks at Goshen Center fo Cancer Care, Indiana.


I have good Insurance, but the plan is mostly self insured and this will potentially affect the companies ability to continue benefits at current levels.


Thanks and wishing you all the best with this battle.







Hi Ken, i feel ya brother, thank God (or your own higher power) we have insurance (alotta of us anyways) i have Kaiser through my employer (bless his soul) i havnt seen my statement as of yet for my newest meds (ipi & nivo) but back when i was doing Pembro,
(7 infusions failed me) each bag was $23,000 and $25.00 for the sodium chloride lol...its amazing what the costs are for our treatment...

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

Hi Ken,

I'm not sure, but looking at the Goshen Center website, it looks like a private, for profit cancer center.

If so, you should look into other public university medical centers for treatment, and perhaps a reduced cost burden.

Best in the battle.

My wife is doing Opdivo every two weeks and it is $37,000 per infusion, so I would expect your protocol (twice the dose) to be twice the cost, which means it is about the same as we are paying (I should say Blue Cross is paying).   It's interesting to me that they run the immunotherapy on the regular insurance claims and don't run it through our prescription drug program.

Edwin - (6/9/2018 - 8:09pm)

I receive Opdivo every 2 weeks.  The list cost for each infusion is $10,893;  My health insurance is charged $6974.

khimes - (6/10/2018 - 11:09am)

Thanks for sharing your experiences on cost.  it seems I have inqueries to make to see if I can find other options.  I smply chose my current center for location


Thanks again!


I haven't read the detailed statement lately, but Vanderbilt is I think around 18k per for me.

This is every two weeks.