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Concerns of 1mm really dark brown mole

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Concerns of 1mm really dark brown mole

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11/22/2020 7:13am
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Hello! My name is Bria. This past Friday I went to the dermatologist for the first time to get an annual skin assessment done. I was more concerned about getting questions answered on my eczema. When the dermatologist started to do a head to toe check she was looking for any unusual moles. On my chest there is a dark brown 1 mm mole that she pointed out and commented on saying “that mole looks dark, have you had any changes to it?” Not thinking much of it I told her not that I am aware of and that I have had this mole for years. She then didn’t have any more questions and moved on to the rest of my body. We then went into detail about my concerns for my eczema. She said I had atopic dermatitis, gave me a script for some ointment and sent me on my way. After I left I started dwelling on how she mentioned my dark mole.. I have bad anxiety and have been thinking all weekend that I have melanoma. She didn’t ask for a follow up and didn’t seem too concerned about my moles since she didn’t even pull out a microscope to evaluate further. I then called the doctor office later that day and spoke with a nurse because I was concerned. The nurse looked in my notes and said that the doctor pointed out the mole on my chest but then said that I have similar moles on my back and wasn’t concerned. In my patient portal she noted “benign appearing nevi.” I have been so nervous and stressed now. I have started picking at it (which I shouldn’t do I know) and noticed that it is pretty dark and is shiny when I shine a light on it. Should I be concerned? If my dermatologist thought anything, wouldn’t she have asked for a biopsy or looked at it more closely with a microscope? I am planning on calling tomorrow to see if I can get a same day appointment to have her look at it more closely.. hopefully I can get in because I am a nervous wreck! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I am just very nervous! I have used tanning beds in the past but it has been about 3-4 years since I have used them. I also got a pretty bad sunburn this past summer when I went to Florida. I don’t have a history of melanoma in my family although my grandpa did have some spots removed on his face when he was older. Thank you again!

Moles come in various shapes, sizes and colors. It does not even need to be a mole but may look like a small colorless or skin colored pimple which appears to resolve itself. Many of us never find our primary source because it has disappeared years ago. It is impossible to tell just by looking and observing alone, even with a trained eye. The only way to tell for sure is through a biopsy. I would definitely keep an eye on it. Stop picking at it immediately! Take a few good photos and include a form of measurement like a metric ruler as a reference. Personally, I have hundreds of moles and I am sure I am not alone in this. What you did in the past is past and you have learned from your mistakes so make the required changes immediately. I would go in three months for a check and regularly thereafter.
It is nothing until it is something. It is far better to be proactive and practice caution and prevention rather than be reactive.