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Can it be anything other than recurrence?

Can it be anything other than recurrence?

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10/18/2019 1:03pm
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3.5 years following a WLE/ skin graft for scalp melanoma, I feel a 2.5mm papule in the center of the excision very near the original mel. It is pink, no discoloration otherwise. It has been submitted for biopsy? Probably a dumb question but can this be anything but melanoma return?? It did not burn, itch or bleed and I was just examined by derm 2 months ago. Feedback appreciated.

I dont really have an answer to your question but i'd just like to say I hope its not melanoma. I think (as with most things concerning the complexity of the human body) that there is definitely a possibility its something other than a recurrence. Please keep updating and let us know.


Anonymous - (10/19/2019 - 1:07pm)

Thanks Michael, will do.

We'd all love to follow along and support you while you are dealing with this possibility of a recurrence. For sure, keep us posted. One request, though. Please pick a user name (it doesn't have to identify you in any way) and register here at the site. When people only post anonymously, it makes it difficult to follow their stories. You'll get much more support and feedback if you have a name folks can look for.

Strength and Courage,


Oops, I must’ve accidentally posted as anon...wondering if the lack of replies is indicative that many find little to be positive about in this scenario, i.e. that this is likely melanoma return ?

Hi Greg,

It is true that 'anon' comments get fewer replies. But, it is also true that when folks describe a lesion and ask if it is melanoma....there is really only one reply: No one can tell you by looking at a picture of a lesion or reading a description of it, whether or not it is melanoma. The only thing that can definitively do that is a biopsy - no matter where that lesion shows up. But to answer your question - Of course it could be something other than melanoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, the only way you can know is have it biopsied. Yours, celeste

Thank you, made it through the weekend so in just a day or so I should have biopsy results. I guess when I felt a slightly raised pink bump in the grafted area of my WLE, I tended to think worst case. It looked nothing like initial nodule and the derm said she wasn’t concerned but this wait has been my most anxious yet, thinking there’s nothing else it could be which isn’t true, obviously. Thank you for your made my day

The PA that took my sample just called and informed me that she had good news: benign keratosis (praise God)! I was just certain that since this pink papule was in the same location inside my excision site that this was a recurrence. Wow, just goes to show that there is hope when everything appears bleak. That said, had it been mel, there’s still hope. Prayers for all of you that read this, replied or prayed for me. I occasionally check-in here as I know I may be back with this nasty stuff.