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A bunch of gaum...but getting better

A bunch of gaum...but getting better

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9/15/2018 11:15am
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Hey guys!  You have been such an amazing fountain of strength and support for me over these past weeks!  (Damn!  Weeks!!!)  You have no idea how much it means.  I've always said that melanoma (ALL cancer!!!!) sucks great big green hairy stinky wizard balls.  But the folks on this board have enough love and support and humor and courage to get us all through whatever we are dealing with.  So sorry for what Maureen and her husband and Jagstter are facing as well as the rest of you out there.  

Here's the latest on my crazy mess as of this am:  

There is a small additional update to even that, in that they just removed my epidural.  Little scary to say good bye to pain control...but it is a necessary step toward getting rid of my other bells and whistles and heading home!!!

Thanks again to each and every one of you.  Your love is tangible.  It is real.  It helps.  Love, les

Glad to see that you are doing better. Lots of love to you Les.

Eeeeecccckkk, eeeeecccckkkkk.

John J Kissane

Just posted on your blog - so great to see you here! Since I didn’t know if you’d post, I posted at about the same time with a link to you blog but have asked that it be removed. You’ve got this!

Ahhh! Good to see ya back Bubbles!!, like i said before already, and your aware of this, the out pour of concern for you was amazing & good to see for one another. You are the "brains" (one of them anyways) of the group & your contribution to us is so helpful for our individual cases...we love you sis, now dont get sick ever again..seriously! Stop!..:) Mike

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!

Dear Celeste,

I just checked in and have read the updates about the craziness you have been going through.  It really threw me through a loop to be honest.  I am so glad that the support from all the amazing folk on this forum has helped you through these difficult days, you have given so much love and support to so many people over the years including to myself and my beloved, Juan, who is no longer here with us.  You are the most amazing, courageous, smart, resourceful, resilient, cheerful, driven, detailed "embracer-of-life" that I have ever had the pleasure to come across.  I wish you a speedy recovery to get home and get back on with everything.  You are truly inspirational.


Dido! Xerox! Copy That! I love your comment about Misses Bubbles....Mike

Melanoma Will Not Beat Me or my MRF Family!

Hey Celeste 

i am thrilled to hear your update. You are are our rock. Thank you. Wishing you a speedy recovery 


Hi Celeste, welcome back and best wishes that the recovery keeps moving in the right direction this time.


Good to have you back, I here Italy in spring is beautiful.....

Tony -  IV - Ipi/Nivo (Yervoy/Opdivo); now on Nivo maintenance

Back-to-back surgeries.  Been there.  Not fun! You will get through the pain and keep moving forward!


  Wow! You have been through so much in the last couple of weeks!! I’m so sorry, but I’m so happy that there were clean margins and no signs of cancer!!! You are such an inspiration for all of us!! Take care and thanks for your shout out to us. I’m going to write a post for advice. 



Oh my gosh!  You are the strongest person I know.  Well, I don't really know you but you are my hero anyway!  I hope your recovery continues to go well.  Sending you good thoughts and keeping you in our prayers.  



Sending you big hugs Hun , xxxx



Man, have you been thorugh it. Wishing you the big Homeward Bound for tomorrow!

October 2017 primary scalp WLE; SLNB; partial neck dissection (PND). July 2018 recurrence in neck. August 2018 second PND. September 2018 started Nivo. December 2018 SRS for brain met January 2019 Pisces trial IL-12 + Pembro. .


What a relief that you are on your way to recovery.!! Don’t worry about keeping us informed. We’ll muddle through. Hope you increase in strength every day and you heal quickly. And can book that trip to Beautiful Italy. Anne -Louise 

Wow what an ordeal.... thank God you are doing well... Prayers and thoughts  are with you..Happy healing !!


So glad to read your update.  One day at a day at a time...sending thoughts for a complete healing. Love to you and your family.


Oh my wow. I can't even fathom the amount of new reading materials you've covered with this second diagnosis. Removing parts, clogged pipes, and liquid diet...... good gracious... hopefully things will be clear for the Thanksgiving pig out session you have already hard earned!!! Yes yes, I'm aware that it's only September, but as you've mentioned "WEEKS". Time crawls in the hospital, but then flies by at the same time. Where did life go? Double high fives to you... because a hug might hurt until all of the tubes are out. :)

Im so sorry you had to go through all of that but so glad you are back and are on the mend!  



Dear Celeste,

Thank you for sharing all that you have experienced thru melasuckanoma and more. I was diagnosed in 2008, stage 4 in 2013, lungs, brain, bones....I am NED since end of Nivo treatment in Dec 2016. Had my every 3-4 month brain MRI today and CTs in early Nov.

Been following you since 2013 and reading your blog, I have learned so much, mostly to appreciate you and others who are in the fight and all of the warriors and our families, caregivers, etc. Stay the course, you will get better and better, you have more to receive and enjoy in this life. Blessings to you and yours

Maureen from Maryland

Wow...and I thought I had a few "crappy" weeks with side effects. You know the drill...Follow your instructions and don't try to rush it. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you mend.