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11/2/2019 9:09pm
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I am wondering if anyone knows what it means when the flesh that is now exposed due to the biopsy is black. I am waiting for the results to come back in a few days, and I am at a 99% belief that it is going to come back positive for (another) melanoma. But I'm wondering if the black coloring is a tell-tale sign of cancer or not... Can't seem to find an answer in my online searching...


Bobman - (11/3/2019 - 6:37am)

Hi abbeylee,
I've had plenty of biopsies, and a variety of healing responses depending on what type of biopsy was conducted, and where it was located. Many different colors have occurred during the healing process. Back when I used to get shave biopsies, the dermatologist performing those was fond of cauterizing the wound, which made it look black, but since it was cooked skin, that's why. Personally, I've seen red, Brown, dark brown, black, yellow, and pink colors during the healing process. I scrutinize my wounds closely, every one has been unique, but no colors of my healing flesh were indicative of malignancy. I demand punch biopsies now , for a couple of reasons. The healing, and wound care is much easier on me, and I'm a bit paranoid at this stage of the game playing whack-a-mole of catching a bisected lesion. Waiting on results is a tough thing, no doubt. Hang in there, and try not to stress too hard. I've had the same certainty on some biopsies, only to be proven wrong by the pathology. I hope this for you as well. Let us know how it goes, and if the wound doesn't appear to be healing properly, you can always call the doctor to tell them.

We are one.

Johnjk04 - (11/3/2019 - 7:48am)

Bob - terrific answer. Thank you for sharing this helpful information with abbylee.

John J Kissane

abbylee77 - (11/3/2019 - 4:16pm)

Thanks! I have always had shave or scoop biopsies. A doctor I saw awhile ago was also keen on cauterizing which to me looked like the end of a half eaten breakfast sausage link... This biopsy is just the shave and some of the area is a normal white/fleshy color, with the dark area in the middle where the actual mole was. I actually work for my dermatologist in reception so I can easily have them check for infection or anything weird and I'll get my results Wednesday, I was just wondering if there is a way to tell just by looking. I have had 30+ moles/spots removed in my life so far and only 2 have been melanoma, not counting the 6 I'm waiting to hear back on. I am going to ask for a referral for a CT scan to check my entire body before the year is over.

I will keep you updated! Thanks for your response!


sks2019 - (11/4/2019 - 7:41pm)

Any insights for the mucosal linings ? My mom was diagnosed with Vaginal melanoma in Oct 2018 . Her PEt in august for the groin area was clean , she just saw a gyn who examined her and said she sees some discoloration which could be melanoma, I am wondering if this is something new developing or this has always been there .