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Back Pain?

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Back Pain?

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8/16/2010 10:38am
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Of course I am paranoid of anything that is not quite normal...but have had back pain (dull ache) for a little over a week now that is not getting better. It also seems to move around (can't pinpoint exactly where it is). I was diagnosed with Stage I nearly 2 years ago, and had WLE. I have since recently had a Chest Xray as well as an abdominal CT scan (for unrelated GI bleeding). Would either of those scans show possible mets to spine? I am treated at MDA and trying to get in again to discuss this with the MD, just curious what others have felt that have had mets to spine. 

I'm just so paranoid as I have two small children. Feel free to tell me I am overreacting as well !

MaryBZ - (8/16/2010 - 5:02pm)

Hi Erika,

Your "paranoia" sounds a lot like mine.  I was diagnosed in Feb 2009 Stage IIb and that following summer had extreme back pain and I was sure it was spine  mets because I had just heard a news story about some pro football coach whose recurrence of melanoma was in his spine!  My oncologist had me try Aleve and alternate hot/cold for 2 weeks.  It did not do the trick so he did order a MRI of my back which came back no cancer but what he thought was herniated disks.  I was referred to a physiatrist (never heard of this type of doctor) but could not see her for 6 weeks!!  In the meantime I did go to a chiropractor and physical therapist and used a TENS unit.  To make a long story short, no herniated disks, no cancer, and thanks to chiropractor, TENS units, and back exercises my back is better.  I still have "flare ups" but no mets.  It's hard not to think the worst with this dreaded disease.  I don't feel like I know my own body anymore.

I'll keep you in my prayers that the back pain disappears.


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ErikaHouston2 - (8/16/2010 - 5:36pm)

Mary, so funny that you mention the coach, that is EXACTLY what got my wheels spinning! Google, Melanoma & Back pain and he pops right up. Interenet is wonderful, but also often causes our wheels to spin!  Thanks for your response.

Sharon in Reno - (8/16/2010 - 5:54pm)

Back pain must be going around. I think if I have any kinda pain it goes there first cuz it's my weakest link (bad back yrs ago) and yes your CT scan will pick up any mets...thats what they are for. And if you figure out how not be be stressed don't tell anyone...bottle it and make your fortune off of it....try to hang in there, you are not alone. Love, Sharon in Reno Stage IV

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