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Atypical Spitz Nevus

Atypical Spitz Nevus

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10/11/2018 7:00pm
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     I want to see if anyone might have any advice for me.  I am a 33 yr old fair skinned female, who visited a dermotologist (for the first time) last month after noticing a weird mole like thing on my calf. The derm did not know what it was, and did a shave biopsy.

   They called last week and said it was a "junctional spitz nevus with moderate to severe atypica, close to the peripheral shave border" and recommended I see a plastic surgeon for removal.  I had a second opinion today (just from reading pathology report) and he said we could wait and see on it, or he could remove it in office. 

    I am planned to have it all removed by this dermotologist in 2 weeks, since I don't care about scarring, but I am concerned reading about Spitz Nevus and that they are often misdiagnosed melanoma.  Does anyone else have experience or advice regarding treatment?  Does this need closer monitoring than a different type of atypical mole?  Are they likely to call me back after this second removal and tell me they need to continue testing?  I am panicking and I don't know if it's truly warranted.


Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.

MMH - (10/12/2018 - 12:03pm)

Hello to you! I am glad I logged on today becuase this is actually something I know a little about fortunately/unfortunately.  I am a 44 year old female. I had an odd mole that looked like a bug bite on my right arm this summer.  Went to my dermatologist and she said probably nothing so we could wait and let it evolve. I said please take it off, so one week later she removed it.  A week later I get a call that it is a markedly atypical spitzoid, most similar to melanoma so treating as melanoma. Not a great phone call to get while on vacation.  I had the WLE one week later.  I understand your stress, as there is not much information out there on spitzoid, especially relating to people in my age bracket.  From the conversations I have had with my doctors (Johns Hopkins), I need to treat it as melanoma becuase it very probably almost certainly is melanoma. Mine was classified as "thin" so I did not have the option of an SLNB.  SO, now I wait and I stress.  I don't have much advice other than to see a specialist and make sure it is properly and fully removed. It sounds like that is what you are doing, so that is good.  Other people on this site with spitzoid have had genetic testing of the sample done which I believe can more definiteively identify melanoma.  In my case, they were sure enough based on the characterstics and my age.  Hang in there, and keep us posted.    


JennH - (10/12/2018 - 1:29pm)

Hello and welcome. I am relatively new, having been only diagnosed with spitzoid melanoma in the past month. I am awaiting WLE and SLNB scheduled for next week. I am a 43yo fair skinned female and had a red dome shaped, nickle sized spont where the sun doesn't shine. I've had it for several years and my primary doctor showed no concern for it 2 years ago. Recently I visited the derm for another mole and had her look at this one and it came back positive. They don't know much about it, and told me not to google. What I have found is the spitz is the type of cell that it is affecting and that it is more common in children. I do know that my biopsy was sent to a second lab and additional testing was done to confirm the diagnosis of melanoma. I would ask the doctor if that was completed. I also had a second shave biopsy completed, I guess to see how deep it was. Perhaps if you don't get the answers you feel comfortable with, check with another dermatologist. It doesn't hurt to be safe. Either way, keep an eye on it! Keep us posted!