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Appetite and nausea post ipi/nivo and stereotactic Radiation

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Appetite and nausea post ipi/nivo and stereotactic Radiation

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6/23/2020 5:31pm
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Hello there, thank you in advance for any help.
My sister had stereotactic radiation for a brain met and is also having Ipi/nivo combo. She is so down, has the driest mouth, is hungry but can’t eat, feels nauseous, she is taking anti nausea meds but can’t tolerate food although she wants it.
Can anyone offer any tips or trick, we have tried sugar free gum, ginger drinks and cortisol ,no help.
She is losing weight, weak and down in herself. I would appreciate any help anyone in a similar situation could offer . Thank you

After my first ipi+nivo immunotherapy I was nauseous, had bad diarrhea and lost too much weight. I met with the cancer center dietitian. She helped me gain weight. I ate more high calorie food. My oncologist postponed my 2nd dose of ipi, until I regained most of the weight I had lost. Does you sister’s cancer center have a dietitian?

I had dry mouth from opdivo, but - interestingly - not during the combo. I've also had the gamma knife, but I don't think I had any effects from that at all (I suppose it depends on location and size though). I'd guess that the effects are from immunotherapy and not the radiation.
I do think many of the effects that I had seemed to fade with time.

Dry mouth can be caused by both radiation and drugs. If your sister's tumor is near the salivary glands radiation may be the culprit. Here is some info you may find helpful.

Foodwise, I would go for nutritious shakes made from chicken bone broth and vegetables placed in a magic bullet. Basically, these can be consumed through a straw and are easy to digest. In a few weeks she should feel much better and the dry mouth should go away.

I totally agree,

My mom was on a similar period of loss of appetite and weight

Shakes and soups were absolutely life saving

I also found it very useful to add whey protein to those shakes after consulting with her doctor

Here is an interesting read on that topic