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12/5/2018 10:51pm
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i have had this growing under my nail for 3 months.  It has not moved and has grown larger.  Some have said it’s melan and some have said its bacterial or trauma and to watch it.  I’ve been watching and it’s still there not moving.  I do not have insurance so I’m trying to be logical with the financial side and not freak out but I need advice.  Can someone please tell me if this looks as though it is melanoma to them? 



SABKLYN - (12/6/2018 - 8:19am)

Hi Amber,

Theres no image attached.  However, you can’t tell by looking at a mole/lesion if it’s melanoma.  Only a biopsy can determine for certain.  If the area in your nail bed is not “growing out” (indicating a bruise or other trauma) it would be prudent to have a dermatologist examine it,