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Adjuvant Nivo Dosage-Reference

Adjuvant Nivo Dosage-Reference

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10/4/2019 6:09am
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Hi Everyone,

My husband began both his radiotherapy and immunotherapy yesterday. He had a parotid gland tumour resected with 2 lymph node involvement in July.
Last week, I posted questions regarding the adjuvant nivo dosage he was to get, and the information I got from all those who posted greatly allayed my anxiety. Thank you once again.

In case knowledge of my husband's dose can serve as a reference to anyone looking for such information, his dosage is 3mg/kg. He is to get an infusion every 2 weeks for a year. He will also have daily radiotherapy for 6 weeks. I know it's only day 2, but he slept well and has no visible side effects yet.

Wishing everyone a good weekend.

YeeeeHa! Yaay! So glad hes in the fight with a Topline med now (along with his Radiotherapy) Opdivo for me had kept my lung tumors from growing! Its good stuff and youll see, his next few scans will prove its efficiency! Good news sis....

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Hi, my husband had a 4.5 cm parotid tumor removed 11/2018 with 1 lymph node involvement in the parotid. 6 weeks radiation and now still on Nivo every 2 weeks. Doing well, somewhat tired so I only give him one honey-do item,every weekend. He is still working as an engineer. The Ironwood cancer center wants him on 2 years of Nivo, although insurance is balking a bit still. They are good about getting things through so we will see. If he goes two years, he is opting to double the dose and go once a month since he has had no major side effects.

Let’s keep in touch since our husbands basically have the same diagnoses. There is another man on this forum who has close to the same initial symptoms who has helped me but he was diagnosed some time back.

Oh, BTW, my husband has had two sets of scans and is still NED. Although radiation was rough, most of his nerve functions have returned besides the permanent numbness in the ear and still radiating nerve pain sometimes. He can smile fine, although being an introverted engineer that never does happen a whole lot anyhow, lol. The radiotherapy gets worse after finishing for about 3 weeks, then things start to heal. Expect the nerve pain. I wish you the best


Sorry I keep adding ... but my husband also started Nivo and Radiation at the same time. His radiation oncologist recommended it, while his regular oncologist was hesitant but agreed to it.