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4 year NED

4 year NED

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11/7/2019 11:52pm
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I spent alot of time on this site just wanted to post positive news because during my initial diagnosis I liked to read the positive stories. Im 4 years NED (diagnosed at 34yoa) stage 3b ulcerated melanoma to my back. Surgery wide excision with clnd armpit. I was given Yervoy 10mg 4 doses. God bless you all.

Hukill - (11/8/2019 - 8:36am)

wohoooo! Good to see a success story from just 4 treatments of yervoy.

Anonymous - (11/8/2019 - 10:24am)

The treatments of yervoy landed me in the hospital for 2 weeks. Body rash , diarreah, and a fever that would not go down 101 and above.

JudiAU - (11/8/2019 - 9:34am)

Thank you for sharing. Always wonderful news.

MelMel - (11/9/2019 - 3:32am)

Congratulations on your four years NED status!!! Thank you so much for sharing.