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3 sub-centimeter hypodensities spots in liver?

3 sub-centimeter hypodensities spots in liver?

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3/20/2020 9:13pm
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Hello all,

I have a quick question. I had a CT scan for my kidneys because I was having back pain and my doctor (urologist) thinks it is an obstruction. Kidney is most likely ok, however the scan showed 2 small and one medium sub centimeter hypodensities in my liver. I had stage 1 on my foot in 12/15 removed and NED ever since. Should I be worried about these spots ? Any recommendations? Can it metastasis to the liver without being in the lymph nodes? Of course I will be sending results of scan to my oncologist, next week. But just a little concerned my urologist thought it was no big deal and I should have another scan in 6 months.


Cynthia Rush