History of MPIP

The Melanoma Patients Information Page, more commonly known as MPIP, is the oldest and most lively online community for melanoma patients.

The community was started by Jeff Patterson, who is - literally - a rocket scientist. He started MPIP in 1994, a time when the term “bulletin board” mostly meant a large piece of cork with push pins. Jeff’s commitment began when his wife’s sister was diagnosed with melanoma and he wanted a simple online resource for the family to share information and to offer support to each other. He realized that he had found a major unmet need and he spent thousands of hours writing code and researching online resources to provide this community for melanoma patients.

Over the years, tens of thousands of people affected by melanoma have turned to MPIP for information, support, comfort and friendship. Should you become part of the MPIP community, we hope you will find a safe place to share your hopes and your fears, to ask your questions and to offer suggestions to others.