Mike Andrews

Unknown to May 6, 2003

This is the Andrews family; Mike, Beulah, Amy, Jenny and Aaron (this picture was taken a decade ago!) Dad was diagnosed with MM where the "sun doesn't shine!" in July 2002 (patnet Mike). My Dad is most remembered for his funny sayings, teasing, and for the love he had for his family. Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts and were married over 35 years. They were still very much in love. Dad got to meet Jesus on May 6, 2003 at 12:29 a.m., he was 53 years old. We will all miss him terribly....his wife, children, parents, sister, his seven grandchildren (they call him Popie) and many, many more. One of the sayings Dad is famous for is "No matter where you're at, there ya are!" and we know exactly where he is now. See you in heaven Daddy!