Forum FAQ

Who can use the bulletin board? 

The bulletin board was created for patients, caregivers and others touched by melanoma.  You are encouraged to voice your opinion, ask questions, and meet the network of people who are being proactive in their desire to find answers about this disease without going it alone.  Everyone can view the bulletin board.  If you would like to post a reply or start a new topic, you must be a registered user and create an account on the site.   If you are already a registered user, please log in to use the bulletin board.

Is the bulletin board safe? 

The MRF requires all users to register with the site in the interest of creating a safe environment for everyone.  The bulletin board is staffed by moderators who may or may not be present at the time of your use.   To report an issue or file a complaint, please contact the MRF.

How do I log in? 

Visit the forum page you wish to participate in. Just above the forum itself, you will have a choice to register or to log in

I forgot my password.  How can I find out what it is? 

If you have forgotten your password, you can request that your password be reset.  An email with a temporary password will be emailed to the account you used during the registration process; using this passcode to log in, you will be prompted to create a new password. Be sure that you check your spam filter for this email; the request response email expires in 24 hours at which point you will need to request a password reset again.  Request a new password.

Why do I need to be a registered user? 

The MRF seeks to create a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. As such, the MRF requires you to be a registered user in order to participate in the patient forums, the chat room, and to submit your own story and any patient memorials. Your information is kept secure with the MRF and is not available to the melanoma community unless you choose to make your profile visible to the community. Your registration helps us better moderate the site, by enabling us to address any users that do not follow the bulletin board policies

How do I create a profile? 

During the registration process, you will be prompted to create a profile and will have the option to make that profile visible to the MRF community.  This is optional; you do not have to have a completed profile in order to participate on the bulletin board, only a valid email address.  

What are your posting policies? 

The MRF's primary goal for the forum is to provide a positive, supportive and informative environment for people who are facing an extremely difficult time in their lives. To that end, the MRF has developed a set of policies and forum etiquette that we request that users adhere to when participating in the forums or chat room. Since these are intended to be safe spaces for patient and caregiver interaction, the MRF will not tolerate any behavior that violates these policies, and reserves the right to remove inappropriate posts and/or block users who are repeat offenders.

How do I report an issue or file a complaint? 

The MRF takes all issues and complaints extremely seriously.  To report an incident, please contact us.  Please provide the bulletin board user’s name, the subject of the post (with URL if possible) and the time of the incident.

How do I view a topic and the replies? 

To view a topic from the main melanoma bulletin board page, click on the arrow next to the topic to expand a single conversation.  If you would like to see a preview of all of the replies to all topics, click on the "Collapse/Expand All" button next to the subscription button.

if you would like to view only a single topic on the page, click the topic title. The topic will open, with all replies expanded. Simply use your browser's Back button to return to the forum.

How do I post a new topic to the bulletin board? 

To post a new topic to the bulletin board, you must be a registered user.  Once you are logged in, if you go to the bulletin board page, you will see several buttons to create a new topic: 
post new topic to MRF Bulletin Board

To create a new topic, click on the Create a New Topic button.  You will be directed to a new page to enter your message.   If you would like to create a topic anonymously, click on the Create a New Topic Anonymously button.  Your username will not be shown to the rest of the users.

How do I post a reply? 

To post a reply, you have several options.  You can either reply to the main topic post or to one of the replies within the topic thread.  To reply to the topic, click on the Write a Response or the Write a Response Anonymously button.

post reply

Can I delete a topic or reply that I have posted? 

No, once you have posted an item to the bulletin board, you cannot delete it.  If you would like a topic post or reply removed from the bulletin board, please contact the MRF.  Please include your username, topic post subject with link to the page and indicate what you would like removed and why.


Where can I get more information about a user? 

If the user has created a public profile, you will be able to see information about the user.  All usernames within the bulletin board will take you to a user’s profile; if you wish to search for a particular user, type their username into the site search box at the top right of your screen. You will be taken to a search results screen where you can select the tab, "Users". Click the "Users" tab; you will see results pertaining to your search that match usernames.

How to I sign up to get email alerts? 

You can subscribe to all topics on the bulletin board or to only a single topic, by clicking the Subscribe icon, an orange square with white broadcast lines:

post new topic to MRF Bulletin Board

The Subscribe function opens an option to subscribe via RSS. You can receive RSS feeds in your email program or in a browser tab, such as Live Bookmarks, or through an RSS reader, such as Feedly or Feedburner.

How do I turn off email alerts? 

To turn off email alerts, you must unsubscribe within your RSS reader or through your email program. It's as simple as deleting the subscription.

My question is not listed here.  Where can I get help? 

For additional help, please contact us to send a message to our community moderators.