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Sharing my wife's OM history

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Sharing my wife's OM history

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12/30/2017 3:58pm
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I wanted to share the history of my wife's OM in hopes that folks read it and see that statistics are just numbers and being strong and hopeful goes a long way towards healthy life.

She is 46 years old.  Asian with fair skin and light color eyes.  Just emphasizing that because having OM in her case is a real rarity. 

First diagnosed in left eye in 2001 and treated with a plaque.  No health issues.

Metastasis to liver in 2011 without any symptoms.  Discovered only because of routine scans (Please have routine scans ).  Resection of part of liver with good margins followed by Yervoy.  She developed severe colitis after second dose of Yervoy and it had to be discontinued.

No health issue until October 2017 with melanoma causing compression fracture of T4 vertebra.  She was going through routine scans.   However, spine looked fine in July scan but fracture happened in October, so tumor must have spread really fast. 

She just went through a major back surgery to remove tumor and reconstruct that area of vertebral column.  Will be given radiation, followed by immune therapy (Keytruda + Opdivo) at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I believe that long healthy survival period a direct result of a very positive attitude.  She is going into the new phase now with same positive attitude.  

I understand from her Oncologist , a very intelligent doctor, Dr. Christopher Lao, that her melanoma may have been behaving differently than most OM's.  We are very hopeful for prolonged survival.

Couple of interesting observations:

She says that she has observed and felt irritation and sometimes pain in her eye when she was 16 or 17 (please get checked)  Then it (pain / itching) disappeared for a long period of time until first time discovery of OM which was more of an accidental in nature (she went to Optometrist complaining feeling difficulty reading).

Stay strong..