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Ocular Melanoma stage 2a

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Ocular Melanoma stage 2a

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7/19/2017 11:52am
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I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma H 5mm, W.11.5mm and 12.12mm, on 7/2017, scheduled for plaque insertion 8/4 and 

6 days in hospital. I would like to hear from someone who has had this procedure so as to better 

understand the immediate post -op manifestations, such as vision, pain, comfortability etc.

This is not a very supportive reply. I did well with plaque and am now 14 years out from treatment. My tumor was about the same size as the original poster.

Marinelatrp - (5/7/2018 - 12:26pm)

So u did that 14 years ago and did radiotherapy? What happened to your Sighinolfi? Was it affected; Did u lose your Sight? My husband was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma on The left eye; was The radio painful.  Any side effects? They suggested adrotherapy ( bombing of protones) in Nizza in france or here in Italy in Pavia: could you give a more elaborate description of The process? We are literally freaking out; he is 33 and we have a son of 3 yrs old, he works and maintains su ; I am literally unemployed; we are hoping for a misdiagnose, i head a guy was told it was not a melanoma but a blood blister in The choroid:

any word would be helpful, any advice , Simply anything

Marinelatrp - (5/7/2018 - 12:28pm)

I meant what happened to your sight?  My hubby maintains us , i heard a guy Who was misdiagnosed; blood tests are all ok; his melanoma is 5,95 mm more or less like yours 

we are having The MRI done this week

I had always had poor vision and wore thick glasses, my vision was 20/400 in each eye. Initially after plaque I gradually lost more vision that couldn'tbe corrected with glasses. My vision became such I only saw light and dark, and shadows. This lasted about 3 years. Then I was able to have the radiation induced cataract removed, a prosthetic lens inserted, and nowmy vision is 20/70, the best it's ever been in my life. Some people don't lose vision, some do. It epends on the location of the tumor and the amount of radiation damage. Good luck to your husband with his MRI.