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ocular "blood blister" - misdiagnosis????

ocular "blood blister" - misdiagnosis????

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9/22/2017 11:08am
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First, I was told I had ocular (chroid) melanoma then yesterday another "expert" said "No, it's just a "blood blister". Yet, nothing has occurred to ctreate such a thing. I don't trust it. I can't even search a blood blister; as an eye disorder it does NOT exist. Any thing you know?

This bulletin board is weak at best, I posted a simple question after I was diagnosed with ocM stage 2 in July, 2017.I still haven't received any reply except for an anonymous one of my own to see if it would rattle someone.

I would suggest you move on to somewhere/someone more reliable.

I read only now, what happened. Was it a misdiagnose or not. How are you now After these Months: did it go a way or not: my husband was diagnosed with The same thing a monte ago but we only saw 1 dottor here in Italy; now i think we should go and have a second opinion privately; they told us it was a mole in The coroide and suggested radiotherapy; please answer me: we do not understand how do they know for sure it is cancer in The back of The eye: just because The color is not what they want 

Could u answer please, if you are checking The web