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Is this mole a cause for worry?

Is this mole a cause for worry?

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4/1/2018 9:57am
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Hey guys, I’m new here. So i got this mole on my skin located in my right rib area and it’s it is itchy. It’s not itching me all the time but it’s itching me enough to just ask if it is a reason for worry.

I will atrach couple of images of the mole bellow, and my basic info is: 20 year old male.

Let me know if it’s a reason to worry or not, also feel free to ask me any additional questions.


This is posted in the eye section, it should be posted in another area. In any case no one is going to guess at a diagnosis from a photo, you really need to either see a dermatologist or your primary care doctor. It can take months to get in to see a dermatologist so starting with your primary care doctor might be better. If he/she thinks it's suspicious they can get you in sooner.Good luck.