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Keytruda--itchiness, fatigue, joint pain kicking in

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Keytruda--itchiness, fatigue, joint pain kicking in

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5/1/2017 12:57am
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Hi all,

My husband's skin has started to itch now that the weather is getting warm. I've heard that moisturizer is good to use, but he doesn't like the greasy feel of lotions. Would it make sense to use antihistamines? Is the itchiness caused by a histamine response? He doesn't want to ask the doctor questions like this, doesn't want to be a bother..

Lately he's really feeling the fatigue. Plus he has some knee pain, which he's never had before. His mood is pretty down, which is understandable. Today he was morose. Maybe he should get counseling..I don't know.

He wants to go to his appointments by himself without me. Is that a common thing?  Maybe I'm getting on his nerves. (shrug)

The good news is he gets his fourth infusion tomorrow, which means he's almost half-way done with the 6-month course. The even better news is that the visible subcutaneous lump has melted away. 

He should be getting a scan soon. We'll find out tomorrow when. Keeping fingers crossed for good news.

We've been married for almost 17 years. I'm not willing to settle for less than 30. Ha ha.





Hi Betsy! I finished a year of immunotherapy (Opdivo) and had the itchy skin for a year (was tourture), I tried the topical itch steroid cream from the dermotologist and found no releif. I tried to take Benadryl and it did help a tiny bit. Honestly I would have been happy in a nudist camp for the entire year, the itch was awful. Coconut oil helped, as did tepid oatmeal baths. 

I am only now, after being off for 5 months, am feeling joint pain. I am trying to keep active by walking 3 miles a few times a week and will continue to do yoga twice a week. The pain is worse at night.

Best of luck! The Opdivo worked great for me - totally stable 18 months after they found it in my liver. I completed a triathlon, half marathon and a couple 5k's since diagnosis. Keep him active!

Also, I became vegetarian - really almost vegen as I do not eat dairy, gluten, sugar. Only home cooked healthy veggies, some gluten free pasta...just started drinking coffee again. 

Good luck!